VTSM rotating screens, also called bar screen, are studied in a specific way for the cleaning of the material. Their scope is very broad, from the recycling of materials coming from the crushing to the waste industry. The screen cylinder is constructed with big thickness plats for supporting the weight of the rock inside the machine.
The inners rocks have been rotated on themselves by the cylinder barrel; the created movement permits the separations of these dirty parts and the smaller ones through the screen’s lights. The cylinders are assembled as interchangeable segments with different lights according to the costumer's needs.
The constant feeding of the machines is guaranteed by a feed hopper made in plates and bolted with an inner, interchangeable armour plate and by a creeper feeder, our model RF.
The screen is provided of fuse – box general control. The barrel is supported by a beam wheel and its rotation is controlled by a driving geared motor coupled with gear rim and pinion. Thanks to the VTSM rotating screen we solved the problem of the cleaning of materials contaminated by the ground leaving from the rock which comes directly from the mountains. These machines can produce until 1000 tons/h.

  • VTSM1
  • VTSM2
  • VTSM3
  • VTSM4

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