Water Clarification and Slundges Treatment

When the curable material shows a fine component of silt and clay, the moist manufacturing process works through a washing system with the recycling of water. In this situation the installation of an equipment for the clarification of water and a sludges dewatering, is necessary. The water will come back into the new production cycle and the sludges, if they are opportunely cured and stockpiled, can be used during the environmental mitigation intervention of the quarry. CRIFI Ltd Crushing Plant pays special attention to this sector and it has developed a machinery composed by a clarification supply that helps to salvage about 80% of water and then is pumped again into the head of the washing plant. In the bottom of the clarification supply a sediment is formed and secondly is pumped into the decanter in which the separation between the solid and liquid part thorough a rotating truncated conical and cylindrical drum will take part. On its peripheral area the most solid (and most heavy) part is sedimented and continuously eliminated from the inner screw. The whole happens totally independent. CRIFI Ltd Crushing Plant analyzes deeply the characteristics of the machinable materials and the wasted waters’ contents and it can guarantee the facility of equipments with high performances about dry point of view, in a constant and adaptable way depending on the different operational situations.

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