Today it is not possible to speak about a real development without considering its effect on the environment. A sustainable development, respectful towards the nature in which we live, besides being a moral exigency for all mankind, represents also a sure factor of economic convenience.
CRIFI Ltd Crushing Plant, always careful about this problem, is engaged with studies and technical researches focused to design, product and sell efficient machines and advanced systems for the protection and safeguard of the environment. All of ours centrifugal extractors are machines with high performance and find their natural destination in the ecological field. This extremely important sector requires responsibility, so we established a direct connection with public services, private companies and authorities that manage and control the urban and industrial ecologic issues.

Dehydration of sludge of civil and industrial origin (biological and physical–chemical)
Various food processing production (enological, fruit juices, citrus fruits, tomato, fat recover, etc.)
Treatment and recovery processes of refinery products (bottom of tanks, oil sludge)
Process of BIODIESEL Zoo-technical liquids treatments (sludge and similar)
Distillery discharges treatments (sludge and distilling slops) and tannery industries
Slaughterhouse by-products treatments Used and refinery oil recovery and extraction
Pharmaceutical and chemical industry applications

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